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24- Hour In-Home Care in the Twin Cities

Minneapolis / St. Paul Live In Home Care

The usual cost structure for 24-hour care is 12 hours/day for each 24-hr period.

We provide a professional and comprehensive in-home care service for the elderly, disabled, and those who require 24 hour care support after surgery or during illness. Long term or short term, we can provide flexible service that meets all of your ongoing palliative or temporary respite care needs. Of course, we are fully insured.

A caregiver/PCA stays in the home 24 hours a day, and is available to assist morning, noon and night. We provide a caregiver for 7 days a week. This includes an assigned primary caregiver and a back-up caregiver to the job. The primary caregiver provides care for 4-5 days a week, and the back-up caregiver takes over for the remainder of the week.

All live-in caregivers must maintain a separate, permanent residence. They are permitted to reside on the client's premises only during their assigned days and nights, and they must leave the client's premises with their belongings on their days off. They are strictly forbidden from using the client's property, such as phone, television or car, for their own, personal use. Live-in caregivers must also respect the company policy on visitors: none are allowed while providing live-in care.

This service is performed 7 days a week. Typically multiple caregivers are assigned to each live-in case to allow for vacation days, sick days etc. This allows us to easily fulfill the needs of our clients when a staff member goes on vacation the other is already trained and prepared to take care of the clients needs.