Independent Living


Twin Cities In-Home Caregiver/ PCA Services

We provide professional respectful services at Abidjan Healthcare, Inc. which surpasses all else. Studies have shown that being at home or in a comfortable environment promotes a sense of independence and joy which has a positive stimulating effect on the spirit regardless of the necessary care. Families often try to accommodate this feat on their own but with the hectic expectations life has in place, this can take its toll and become almost impossible to achieve. With an in-home caregiver/PCA, this stress can become possible and Abidjan Healthcare, Inc. offers that choice.

In-Home Caregiver/PCA offers a range of Medical care and support services provided in the client’s home and community. Services ranging from simple assistance in activities of daily living, to a level of care similar to cares provided in a hospital.

An individual enrolled with Minnesota Health Care Program, MHCP, and employed by Abidjan Healthcare, Inc. may provide cares that are determined to be medically necessary, approved in the client’s service plan, and documented in the recipients PCA Care Plan;