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In-Home Care Frequently Asked Questions

Twin Cities In Home Care FAQ's

Q: What makes Abidjan Healthcare, Inc. different from the other Twin Cities Home Healthcare Agencies?
A: We work hard to match each clients need and personality to a staff member. You can be confident that you come first and will be there as we are scheduled.

Q: Do I get the same Twin Cities PCA every time?
A: We encourage and foster a positive relationship between our client and PCA; therefore, we will provide the same caregiver for each shift.

Q: Can I change a PCA?
A: Yes you can change your Twin Cities PCA at anytime for any reason. We ask that you provide us with adequate time to find a well matched caregiver for you.

Q: What if my Twin Cities PCA cannot make it to my work?
A: Your PCA will contact the office and a replacement PCA will we assigned to your care until your PCA can return to work.

Q: What are the backgrounds of your PCA's?
Our PCA's are people who have a lot to give to others. Some have been professional PCA's while others have cared for family members on a long-term basis. When interviewing, we look for warm natured, good communication skills, and common sense as well as dependability in the PCAs we hire.

Q: Do you do background checks on your PCAs?
A: Yes we do. As part of our hiring practice and as required by the State of Minnesota, a nationwide background checks are a must.

Q: How do you select your PCA's?
A: Abidjan Healthcare, Inc. pre-screens all perspective PCA through a thorough lengthy interview process, which is only the beginning. If the PCA is determined as a good prospect, a reference and criminal background study is conducted through The Minnesota Department of Human Services and nation wide check through the Washington Publishing Company.